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Harland pre-engineered automated product platforms are designed and manufactured to meet the critical coating, testing and processing requirements of the medical device, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. From R&D, low volume development production to 24/7 high volume manufacturing, Harlands’ machines group has the experience and capabilities to support your equipment needs.

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Coating Machines and Testing Equipment 

for Medical Device Coatings

The FTS 6000 Friction Testing System is the global standard for testing the surface performance of your coated device.

Five Coater Families provide the throughput and level of automation your coating program requires.

Dedicated to medical device coatings

·       Harland Machines are engineered specifically to meet your technical, commercial and operating requirements.

FTS 6000 Friction Testing System

·       Measuring the surface friction of your medical device is simple. The FTS 6000 makes creating, running and analyzing these tests simple, accurate and fast. 

·       The FTS system quickly leads you through setting up a test protocol, storing the protocol in memory, running the test and analyzling the results.

Harland Automated Coating Systems

·       RDX Coater: The RDX Coating System is ideal for development and pilot-scale production. Handles up to six parts per batch.

·       RDX-XL Coater: Our most popular production coater, the RDX-XL can handle two distinct coating solutions and coat up to 12 parts per batch. 

·       PCX Coater: The PCX Coater offers two process modules. One batch of parts can be cured while a new batch is being dipped. Provides higher throughput volumes with a single operator.

·       GWX Coater: The GWX offers the highest level of automation features. Operator simply loads and unloads parts. The GWX can even handle dual coating solutions - one being heat cured and the other UV cured.

·       IDX Coater: Multi-station coater for high throughputs of 15-20 million parts per year.

All Harland Coaters Features

·       CoatingWorks™ programming software which makes creating, storing and running coating protocols quick, intuitive and secure.

·       Precise servo controlled vertical motion operation.

·       Dual coating solution capability permitting coating layers to be applied with distinct coating solutions without removing parts from coater.