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Steeger Wire Braider
Steeger Wire Braider

·    Catheters

·    Stents

·    Leads

·    Data Cables

·    and a variety of minimally invasive applications

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Medical Braiding Systems

Steeger USA braiders can be manufactured in any multiple of 4 carriers with the most common sizes being 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 72, 96, & 144-carriers; up to 288-carriers. Our machines are the workhorses for the medical industry. They are used in the production of:

·       Catheters

·       Stents

·       Leads

·       Data Cables

·       and a variety of minimally invasive applications

For the medical industry we build specific braiders in horizontal and vertical mode utilizing tractor pullers - linear motion control-capstans, etc for a variety of products.

·       We offer unique modular designs custom tailored according to customer requirements

·       We develop special products based on customer specification

·       In our facility we have a large array of braiding equipment from 8 to 144 carriers for demonstration, trial runs and research

·       To provide next day spare parts service we carry a large inventory of spare parts

·       Training classes are scheduled according to customer needs


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Steeger vertical fine wire braider/type - K80 series

These braiders represent the work horse for the medical industry for producing catheters, tubes and a variety of invasive and non-invasive products which need designed flexibility, stiffness, kink ability, torque and redial strength.Steeger braiders are available with 4,8,12,16,20,24,32,36,48 up to 200 carriers in increments for four. Our carrier design, which unrolls wire from a horizontally placed bobbin enables braiding the most tension sensitive materials without coiling or twisting.

1576047250570156crqS.png                1576047293328346EnfC.png                 1576047321392913g7Jk.png

           K80-16 IMC                                           K80-32                                               K80-48 IMC 

       The carriers will handle                                                                         

Stainless steel, NITI, titanuim, copper

Round wire    0.0005"-0.005" (0.012-0.127mm)

Flat wires       0.0007"-0.005" (0.017-0.127mm)

              0.0005"-0.003" (0.012-0.076mm)



  Multi filament yarns                                                                                  

Kevlar, Vectra, Spectra denier

Monofils, Optical fibers in the 0.002”-0.005"(0.050-0.127mm) range  Single end of copper wire 0.003"(0.076mm), multiple ends of 0.001"(0.025mm) 

For the electrical conductor industry the K80-16 fine wire braider lends itself to braid wires up to 50 gauge (AWG)-(5 ends per bobbin) for production of coax cable, antenna cables, microprocessor cable, etc.



       General technical details                                                                                                                         

Horn gears--feature double tier system providing maximum carrier stability

Carriers--fine wire carrier, type KL80D. carrier is of composite material equipped with a series of rollers to minimize frictions and excessive tension peaks. Bobbins draw off from a horizontal position to prevent coiling and twisting of fine wire.

Stop motions--wire break/bobbin run-out 


40mm (1.57")OD X 25mm (0.98") traverse with barrel diameter of 16mm (0.63")

40mm (1.57")OD X 25mm (0.98") traverse with barrel diameter of30mm (1.18")

43mm (1.70")OD X 26mm (1.02") traverse with barrel diameter of25mm (0.98")

Production speed--up to 620 picks/min

Drive system--single or multiple gear motor 0.3HP, 220VAC, 3phase, speed control through AC frequency inverter.

Capstan--12” (304.8mm)OD and 4” (101.6mm)wide, provides slip free take up, using multiple wraps. Take-up ration adjustable through change gears ratio 5 to 94 picks/inch.

Pay off and winding-up device--for plastic spools 12” (304mm )OD*8” (203mm)between flanges. (Traversing device adjustable to different spool sizes) Tension sensitive winding device suitable to wind with less than 200 gram tension.

Total enclosure--reduce noise level and add to overall safety. Door interlocks will shutdown braider whenever enclosure doors are openin

Steeger horizontal fine wire braider/type - HS80 series

For overbraiding rigid or solid mandrels we offer horizontal braiders complete with tractor puller take-up system. With these braiders, reel to reel processing is also feasible.

1576047897827222QmOI.png 1576047979699042yJAo.png         1576048010446386UNV6.png

                HS80-16 IMC                                                                      HS80-32 COMPU MOTOR                                                       HS80-96 IMC 

General  technical details

The  technical details of the horizontal braider are identical to the K80 with the  following standard features:

IMC-motion  control

IMC  electronically geared puller control complete with IMC-Motion control  components:

Servo  Motor-Amplifier-IQ 550 and operator interface included.

Operator  Interface provides selections of pick count, segment length, and speed  selection of braider table.      

Pulling device

IWitels Albert Timing Belt Tractor Puller IMC  Controlled.

Capacity 0-8mm diameter product. Belt Size 15mm  wide x 165mm long (0.59 x 6.5) . *or special linear motion devices

Indicating  light tower

Red-  braider stopped

Green-  braider running

Blue-  segment complete or run finished

Yellow-  flashing light - wire break - steady light - fault indication

Take-up  system utilizing

Speed  control "on the fly"

Pick  density changes "on the fly"

Programming  of segmented products, up to 9 segments with each segment having a different  length and pick count

A  self-prompting operator terminal provides easy programming

Steeger horizontal braider-type - HS 120/140 series

Alternatively STEEGER offers a heavy duty braider suitable to process 0.004-0.020 round wires or flat wires 0.0025 x 0.010-0.020

  1576056015675014TMq7.png       1576056047392063BoEh.png


  General technical details

Horn Gear

Horn Gear size 120 or 140mm (4.72" / 5.12")

Horn Gears rotating on ballbearings.

Production Speeds

Production Speeds-100-200 rpm/min depending on materials being braided

Drive System

Single or multiple (depending on # of carriers) gear motor 1.0 HP, 220 VAC, speed control   through AC Frequency Inverter

IMC-Motion Control

IMC electronically geared puller control complete with IMC-Motion control components: Servo Motor-Amplífier-IQ 550 and operator intelface included. Operator Interface   provides selections of pick count, segment length, and speed selection of   braider table.

(Optional) Compu Motor

Compu Motor control   with smart touch screen

Davis Standard Versa Puller

2" wide,   9" belt length or linear motion device

Carrier KL 1035-60

Fine wire carrier, type KL 1035-60 with bobbin of diameter 60mm (2.36") x 50.8mm (2") between flanges. Carrier equipped with double rollers for smooth tension control

Central Lubrication System

Lubricates guiding grooves and horn gears

Indicating Light Tower

Redbraider   stopped

Greenbraider   running

Bluesegment complete   or run finished

Yellowflashing light   - wire break - steady light - fault indication

Payoff Winding Up device

Conveniently located on 1eft and right side of braider. Spools of up to 25"OD* x 10.5"   between flanges are held with retractable spindle heads for easy removal.   Stationary pay-off spindle equipped with magnetic breaking unit applies   adjustable braking torque 0.12-3.50 inch/lbs