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·    Catheters

·    Biopsy

·    Endo-scopy

·    Surgical & other medical coils of all commonly used medical materials.

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Kinefac Automatic Production of Complete Medical Coils

A High Precision - High Speed - Medical Device Coiling System

Wire Diameters Down to .0010’’ (.0254mm) - Round, Flat or Coated


Continuous or Variable Diameter & Pitch with Cut-Off to Precise Length


The Micro-Coiler provides the user with the capability to produce a wide range of medical coils to meet your specific applications. Our application engineering support is available to streamline the development and prototyping process, and ultimately provide you with a high precision production system to meet your needs.

Medical Coils For

·       Guidewire Technology

·       Neurovascular Intervention

·       Stent Delivery System

·       Aneurysm Intervention

·       Detachable Implant Devices

·       Exploratory Procedures

·       Occlusion Intervention

·       Retrieval System

·       Fluoroscopy Markers

·       Pain Management Delivery System


·       Wire Range: 0.001’’ - 0.010’’(0.025-0.25mm)

1576142012447295cmyL.png·       Coiling Mode: Single or Two Point

·       Coil Diameter Tolerance: +/-.0001’’(0.00254)

·       Minimum Index: 0.110’’ (2.794mm)Typical

·       Wire Feed Tolerance: +/-.0001’’(0.00254mm)

·       Coiling Point Adjustments: Diameter CNC: .00004’’(0.001016mm)

·       Lateral: .000003’’(0.0000762mm)

·       Vertical: .0005’’(0.0127mm)

·       Coiling Point Actuation:+30 to -35 Deg. To Wire Line

·       Pitch Tool Adjustments:Lateral CNC : .00005’’(0.00127mm)

·       Cut Off Adjustments:Lateral .00003’’(0.000762mm)

·       Cut Off Actuation:Radial CNC .0004’’(0.01016mm)

·       Feed Roll Diameter:.500’’(12.7mm)

Unique Features and Options

·       Performance certified tooling

·       Precision adjustable cut-off

·       Micrometer adjustable tool positioning

·       Feed roll pressure control

·       Simplified computer programming

·       Microscope and video set-up

·       Process monitoring and control

·       Electronic length gaging

·       Coil capture and batch control units

·       Programmable variable pitch & diameter

Provides field proven coiling capability for a wide range of catheter, biopsy, endo-scopy, surgical & other medical coils of all commonly used medical materials.



Open Coil                                                         Open Coil                                                         Thread Coil

·  Material:304V                                             ·  Material:304V                                              ·  Material:304V

·  Wire Dia.:0.0635mm                                  ·  Wire Dia.:0.076mm x 0.152mm                   ·  Wire Dia.:0.0254mm x 0.102mm

·  Coil O.D.:3.05mm                                      ·  Coil O.D.:0.92mm                                        ·  Coil O.D.:3.05mm


Cone End .067 Dia.                                           Heart  Screw                                                   Micro-Compression Spring

·  Material:304V                                              ·  Material:Pal 1100                                       ·  Material:SS Ni Coated

·  Wire Dia.:0.076mm                                     ·  Wire Dia.:0.254mm                                    ·  Wire Dia.:0.076mm

·  Coil O.D.:0.46mm                                        ·  Coil O.D.:11.68mm                                    ·  Coil O.D.:1.98mm


·       Semi-automatic and automatic coiling systems

·       Standard mold library, provides high cost effective molds

·       In house mold workshop provides high accuracy micro-molds

·       Technology and mold design consultation for challenging application

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