Laser Micrometers & Ultrasonic Wall Measurement Return
Laser Micrometers & Ultrasonic Wall Measurement
Laser Micrometers & Ultrasonic Wall Measurement
Laser Micrometers & Ultrasonic Wall Measurement
Laser Micrometers & Ultrasonic Wall Measurement
Laser Micrometers & Ultrasonic Wall Measurement
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LaserLinc offers 16 different models of laser micrometers for precise, non-contact measurement of outside diameter, ovality, and eccentricity. These measurement tools are used in a variety of continuously extruded plastic and rubber applications such as insulated wire, cable, hose, pipe, monofilament, and medical tubing. Additional examples include optical fiber, glass rod and tube, synthetic cork for wine bottles, drawn wire, tube, bar, and other metal profiles.



LaserLinc offers ultrasonic devices for measuring wall thickness or layer thickness of plastic, rubber, glass, and metal products like tubing, hose, pipe, insulated wire, and cable.



Our Profile Vu system is a high-speed non-contact measurement and defect detection system that continuously monitors critical features in rubber, plastic, wood, shaped metals, wire, cable, and more. The system’s 360-degree surface coverage means superior defect detection capabilities when compared to laser micrometers. Defects can be detected in-process and reviewed in 3D.



A gauge is only as good as the software supporting it. That’s why LaserLinc developed a unique open-architecture approach to process control and offers a variety of gauge interfaces for process monitoring, display, control and reporting.












Total VuTM - Off-the-shelf Total Vu software allows all stakeholders to get exactly what they need from an adaptable production monitoring and control system. Operators have access to data to help them operate the line more efficiently. Engineers have monitoring, control and reporting tools to document and improve processes. Managers gain peace of mind that engineers and operators have the tools they need to reduce costs, increase production, and improve quality.



SmartLincTM The SmartLinc™ processor is a robust and reliable platform for delivering fast, accurate measurements of product diameter, ovality, and other values directly to your line control system using standard industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP. Integration with your PLC, HMI/MMI, or other EtherNet/IP-enabled devices is quick and easy. SmartLinc display provides a rugged 7-inch color touchscreen solution for bench or on-line locations.



LaserLinc’s non-contact measurement solutions are well suited to off-line sample measurement. Our products ensure accuracy and simplify the quality inspectors’ job. You can virtually eliminate operator error through non-contact measurement and automatic checking and recording of resultsChoose from a variety of part-holding or guiding fixtures to suit your specific needs. All our sample measurement products work seamlessly with our Total VuTM open-architecture platform.



Installation of a laser micrometer often involves one or more accessories to facilitate ease of use, optimal performance, and long-term operation. LaserLinc offers a variety of high-quality professional fixtures, including roller guides, stands, calibration kits, window guards, and air purges. V-blocks, slides, and other accessories are also available for many of our micrometers.