Ear-loop Mask Give Away Program!
Time:2020-02-04       Author:HnG Medical

Fight The Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Ear-Loop Mask Give Away Program!

Since New Year's Eve,

HnG has joined hands with 

several North American social groups to 

donate money and medical supplies 

to hospitals in endemic areas.

Now Qosina and HnG are very glad to share a good news with you.

Dear customers,

Since the epidemic outbreak, HnG has been continuously paying attention to the development of the epidemic, and our company has started the emergency plan as soon as possible to fully cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.

The virus is heartless, but there is love in the world.

Now HnG is very glad to share a good news with you.

QOSINA, our important partner company, is sending tens of thousands of medical ear-loop masks from the United States for the anti-epidemic work of returning customers, hoping to provide warm care for our customers and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

FREE Ear-loop Mask Due to the limited quantity, we will give priority to the customers who need it most. Please kindly understand.

Fight together, we are sure that we can get through this difficulty !

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