Component Return

·    Angiographic Needles

·    Applicators

·    Bioprocessing Components

·    Catheter Hubs

·    Check Valves

·    Clamps

·    Clips

·    Compression Fittings

·    Dilators

·    ENFit™

·    Extension Lines

·    Forceps

·    Hemostasis Valves

·    Instrument Guards

·    Kit Components

·    Luers

·    Masks

·    Needleless Injection Sites

·    NRFit™

·    Ports

·    Pouches

·    Quick Disconnect Couplings

·    Respiratory

·    Safety Scalpels

·    Sanitary Fittings

·    Single-Use Stainless Steel

·    Spikes

·    Sponges

·    Stopcocks

·    Swabs

·    Syringes

·    Trays

·    Tuohy Borst Adapters

·    USP Class VI Tubing

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Qosina is a leading global supplier of over 5,000 bulk, non-sterile components to the medical OEM and pharmaceutical industries. Our full service e-commerce website features intuitive navigation and valuable tools and solutions to help you speed time to market. You will receive immediate delivery of in-stock components from our ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 22301-registered facility.

At Qosina, we want to help you get your product developed and ahead of the competition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Go-to-Market Solutions

Free samples

Qosina offers complimentary samples on most of our products, so you can explore a wide range of materials, colors and configurations. This allows you to evaluate and test before buying, removing technical risk from the product development process.

Sourcing and customizing components

If an item you need is not in our inventory, we will work to develop the part to your exact specifications by adjusting size, color and material.

Streamline vendors

Qosina is your one-stop source for everything from running materials through tooling to quoting secondary operations for secure supply chains. Consolidating purchases and suppliers with one order can prevent complicated outsourcing and significantly reduce overhead.

Education on relevant industry topics

Read our latest blog posts for information, guidance and solutions on pressing and complex issues.

Main products and services

·       Angiographic Needles·       NRFit™
·       Applicators              ·       Ports
·       Bioprocessing Components            ·       Pouches
·       Catheter Hubs·       Quick Disconnect Couplings
·       Check Valves·       Respiratory
·       Clamps·       Safety Scalpels
·       Clips·       Sanitary Fittings
·       Compression Fittings·       Single-Use Stainless Steel
·       Dilators·       Spikes
·       ENFit™·       Sponges
·       Extension Lines·       Stopcocks
·       Forceps·       Swabs
·       Hemostasis Valves·       Syringes
·       Instrument Guards·       Torquers
·       Kit Components·       Trays
·       Luers·       Tuohy Borst Adapters
·       Masks·       USP Class VI Tubing
·       Needleless Injection Sites

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