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Anti-Thrombogenic Coatings

                           Polyurethane                                                             PVC


             Outside     Uncoated     Inside                                    Outside     Uncoated     Inside              


         Outside       Coated       Inside                                    Outside       Coated       Inside 



             Outside     Uncoated     Inside                                                                         


          Outside       Coated      Inside             



     HemoDialysis Catheter (Polyurethane)

Inner Lumen Uncoated   Left Lumen: Anti-Proliferative Coating

                                           Right Lumen: Anti-Thrombogenic Coating


Stent Coatings

  Anti-Thrombogenic Coating                    Drug-Free Anti-Proliferative

                                                                    Cardiac stent Coating for

                                                                     Aortic Smooth Muscle


               Drug-Eluting Coating (Multi-Layer Coatings)



Other Coatings and Applications

      ·      Guidewire Hydrophilic Coating

      ·      DualityTM, Anti-Microbial & Anti-Thrombogenic Coating

      ·      Radio-Opague Coatings for Stents and Balloon Catheters

      ·      Hydrophilic Coating: Neurovascular Catheters and Guidewires

      ·      Cardiovascular Catheters and Guidewires

      ·      Peek, Polyketone Implants

      ·      HDPE, LDPE Medical Devices

      ·      Blood Clotting Coating

      ·      Anti-Thrombogenic Coating

      ·      Cell Growth Encroachment Into Porous Coating: Pace Maker Fixation

      ·      Wytech offers corewires in a variety of coated and non-coated options. Moreover, Wytech is adept at assisting our customers with the development of time and temperature specifications to create the desired stiffness and pushability

Medical Coating Machines

      ·      for Multi-lumen catheter coating

      ·      for Vertical and horizontal guidewire coating to 450cm length

      ·      for Metallic cardiovascular and esophageal stents

      ·      for Multilayer applications of drug impregnated coatings

      ·      for Complicated micro-catheters with micro-balloons

      ·      for Silicone and Latex balloon catheters

      ·      for High Output IOL Delivery Device coating

      ·      for Automated target spray coating

      ·      for Target coating complicated molded medical devices